Be My Valentine

April 6, 2011


January 19, 2010

this comic actually follows Back to School Feeling. I should of posted it after I posted that one, but with that said this blog is just a preview of what’s to come. so majority of these comics are not posted in its original order, so hopefully when I get this comic published, God Willing you can enjoy it properly.

I just realized something

January 19, 2010

hmm i just realized that i havent properly introduced my characters so here goes…


This is Colbie

1. Colbie, the sweet quiet triplet. Always aiming to please but still fun at heart.Sybil the dominating one

2. Sybil , Sybil is the creative one, always finding her self in some tricky situation. A true joker at heart, and never takes herself too seriously.3. Ina.

3. Ina, the girly girl. In the world of Ina, there is always time to check a mirror and make sure every thing is in tact. Ina is the “hotty hotty sister” concerned about guys, and has every detail of her wedding planned , down to the signature cocktail. Although she is mixed race, lets just say she has blond tendencies…. and theres Puss , the family cat.

E.V. The best friend

4. And then there is E.V. the girls loyal best friend. E.V. strikes the balance between  the girls. she’s slightly edgy but a bit scatterbrained at times. comfortable with her self, and will absolutely defend her friends in any circumstance. This is the family of 3of a Kind . I hope you get to know them , and as you do I am sure their personalities will warm your heart … and dont worry, they do not mind if you laugh at them 😉


January 3, 2010

There a few things you look forward to when you grow up in a third world caribbean island devoid of malls and cool stuff at affordable prices. Hence the joy of having relatives that live in the states. A recent trip to the airport had my sister and I laughing  and reminiscing on how we use to draw the size of our foot on a piece of paper and give it to our mother so she would know what size to ask for when she went abroad to shop. (picture this  caribbean woman saying i need a shoe in this size and pulling out sheets of stapled lists of her kids wish lists) I have to say she did well despite the embarrassment, but even at age 27 i still  get excited when i see  over stuffed suitcases enter the house, and i wonder to my self what goody lies within. yup all but to live  on an island far away from beloved victoria’s secret , forever 21 and the list could go on and on… this comic needless to say was inspired by that. 🙂

“A Woman’s World”

January 3, 2010

ideas in the making

January 3, 2010

ok so i have a new idea for a christmas themed comic, its hashing around in my brain so right now i need a punch line before i can even start, thats usually how these comics take form i think of a theme in general and  then I have my characters come alive in my head. I listen to what they might say and then I edit it down to a point when they make me smile or giggle and then i know the light bulb just went off that my girls just came alive, so i will make a conscious effort to put this to paper, stay  tuned, but in the mean time so much happened that I need to fill you in on. so  that will be my aim for this coming week 🙂


January 3, 2010

ok, so im back to blogging and sharing my comics, i know i was a slacker last yr, bust maybe that was because there are so many steps required to post a comic but also because i do not even get a chance to really make new comics as often as i would like to. so this new year 2010, i will embark on  expanding my blog to include what ticks in this creative mind of mine, the every day activities that inspire me . so stay tuned i promise to regularly update my blog.. it got so bad i could not even remember the password for my own login.. shameful!  so rachi is  back to the world of blogging.. yay!


August 14, 2009

Hi Every one i know i haven’t posted new comics yet, don’t worry i soon put some more up for your viewing, changed a few things  and revamping some stuff, please continue to stay tuned, Rachel

Back To School Feeling

July 12, 2009



July 12, 2009